About US:

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Mitchell Eckley brings several unique aspects to his clients above other real estate professionals. Mitchell is a rarely found Tampa native that has lived and worked throughout the Tampa Bay area his entire life. His experience spans more than 25 years in the inspection, construction and real estate industries here in Tampa.

Over the course of 25+ years, Mitchell performed nearly 5,000 commercial & residential inspections as well as having built restaurants, renovated office buildings & remodeled homes throughout the Tampa Bay area. With the knowledge gained by this extensive experience he guides his clients in a way that saves them valuable time & money. 

Mitchell takes pride in his knowledge of Tampa and the great history that Tampa offers. He enjoys boating the waters of the Tampa Bay area, participating in the Tampa tradition of Gasparilla, and when possible gives back to his community and local charities through his organizational involvement as a member of the 1st US Volunteer Calvary Regiment. He looks forward to helping his clients fulfill their commercial or residential needs and enjoy everything that the Tampa Bay area has to offer.